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While I admit I have run into this occasionally, I can tell you from my experience this is usually not the case, especially if you stick with younger women (but even if you don’t). However, the rest of her body was 100% 18-year-old-perfect, including being tight as a drum, if you know what I’m saying. One of the tightest women I ever had sex with was a 40 year-old who had single mothers who had bodies that, while naked and having sex in full light, you could not tell that an entire baby had ever passed through them. Her Ex It should go without saying that if you start dating a single mother, you should avoid all contact with her baby daddy, assuming he’s still in the picture. One of the stipulations when I got married years ago was that my son’s biological dad could not be in her life (And he wasn’t.) Spending any time whatsoever with her ex, in any context whatsoever, is going to equal drama. or B) I know for 100% that she’s a pure FB-only and will never be anything more.

So did a few little stretch marks I could barely ever see bother me? I’m shocked I even have to say such a thing, but some of you guys don’t quite get that. If she’s an FB, then I don’t care what her kids think of me.

Here are several ways I have alleviated this problem in the past: Her Body Some guys worry about dating women who’ve already had children because of sexual reasons. Regardless of my love of children, my goal is a drama-free life, so my general rule is to avoid a woman’s children completely unless…

They think they’ll run into all kinds of loose vaginas and bodies covered in stretch marks. When I was 36 I was messing around with an 18 year-old who had had one child, and she indeed had lots of stretch marks on her lower stomach. I could go on, but unless you’re extremely picky, this body issue with single mothers really is no big deal. A) She’s been in my life at least five or six months without any drama, and I know exactly how the woman fits into my life.

Many of you may choose to completely screen out single mothers altogether. I don’t do that, namely because I don’t screen, but mostly because more than 50% of unmarried women out there in the world already have children, and many of these women are as hot and desirable as you could want.

But again, if you choose to eschew single mothers altogether go right ahead…this article won’t really apply to you.

Provider Hunter Status The first thing most men worry about is that single mothers are more likely to be provider hunters.

(Even if her mother is a complete loser.) This all means you are often limited to whenever these women can get their moms to watch their kids for them…which may not be very often. So I love spending time with kids, regardless of the context.

Add to that the single mother’s job or school, and you have some truly interesting scheduling challenges. If you hate kids or find kids annoying, well, then that means you should probably avoid a woman’s kids as much as humanly possible.

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(I have run into over-33 provider hunters who did not have any kids.

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