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Manifesta 11 art mediator and singer of classical music and opera, Eelke van Koot had the opportunity to work with Mexican artist Mario Garcia Torres on his project for Manifesta 11.

The song van Koot will be performing for Manifesta Night is a text written by Mario Garcia Torres. Elke van Koot will perform the song in Kunsthalle, in the exhibition space of Mario Garcia Torres’ work 'The Artwork of the Future'.

It’s midnight in Zurich, a global center for banking and finance, but I’m in a taxi hunting for prostitutes.

Hair salons have been known since ancient times as a space for relaxed chitchat.The working girls—mostly Roma (who are often discriminated against in Europe and referred to pejoratively as “Gypsy”) from central and Eastern Europe—smoke, chat, drink Swiss lager and wait for customers to drive by and choose them.Circling the track in a taxi and checking out the hookers in their seduction-wear makes me feel as if I’m on a sordid amusement park ride. If you thought sex in a box was reserved for Justin Timberlake sketches performed on , you've obviously never been to Zurich, where the red-light district has been packaged and streamlined like an express-order fast-food chain.According to my cabbie (a self-appointed “prostitution expert”), a quick lube job runs around ; full service, 0; and 0 or so to “stick it in reverse.” Each shed houses two to six prostitutes, all in provocative outfits.All ladies, no men or transgenders—who typically hustle Zurich’s LGBT brothels or bars instead.

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