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You have a much better chance of getting to know someone accurately and less chance of getting fooled than in the old days. Filipina Heart has three levels of membership, FREE, GOLD and PLATINUM.

The free membership is useless because with the free membership you can only be a passive member waiting for others to contact you. The gold membership is ok, but do yourself a favor and just get the Platinum and you won’t run into any restrictions.

If you think you are going to go on line and quickly obtain a list of quality women, then you are in for a big disappointment.

Remember, you can never really know until you meet in person.It’s nice to look forward to meeting a woman you have picked out ahead of time, and the process of getting to know someone on the internet can be enjoyable in it’s own right.In the old days trying to find someone and getting to know them ahead of time was a daunting task.Online Friends, Helping Friends, Friends to Lovers and Friendship Issues. General Courtship and Dating Talk Articles, Issues, News and Discussions Related to Crushes, Courtship and Dating, Gift Ideas, Body Language, Flowers, Dealing with Parents and other concerns about Courtship and Dating.Courtship Guides, Flirting and How To Attract Women Foreign/Filipino Tips and Techniques about Courtship, Flirting and Attracting Women.

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