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Yet not one individual has been arrested or sentenced to prison for rape this year.That information comes from the Voice of America (VOA) program South Sudan in Focus.FILE - Evalina, a South Sudanese teenage victim of sexual abuse, points on a map to Unity state in South Sudan, indicating the location where she used to live.She said she escaped to Khartoum after being imprisoned by gunmen and sexually abused.They say women serving in these positions can influence decisions and policies.The activists say the reason rapists are not punished is because men control decision-making positions.South Sudan in Focus is a joint effort of VOA and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

She said the AU wants women to have a say in finding solutions to the country’s widespread problem of sexual abuse.

Bineta Diop called on government officials to arrest and punish soldiers who sexually abused women during the three years of conflict in the country.

She said punishing those responsible for sexual abuse against women will guarantee security and self-respect for South Sudanese women.

It had, she said, been effective in raising the profile of women.

Mrs Ahmed is also helping grassroots women's groups that are trying to organise better girls' education, improve social and economic conditions, and ensure the rights of women and children.

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