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The second classification type is Athetoid/Dyskinetic CP.

It is the inability to control a muscle in combination with other muscles.

Each classification deals with each part of the brain.

The four classifications are Spastic, Athetoid/Dyskinetic, Ataxic, and Mixed.

"People with athetoid CP have trouble holding themselves in an upright, steady position for sitting or walking, and often show involuntary motions.

The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems explains that, "People with this type are hypertonic and have a neuromuscular condition stemming from damage to the corticospinal tract, motor cortex, or pyramidal tract.James is a blue-eyed giant, at least as far as the third graders are concerned right now. This fictitious scenario is played out in reality year after year in our school systems.When he first walked into the classroom he was rather awkward with his feet pointed inward, his arms just dangling by his side, wrists slightly bent and his head jerking back and forth once in a while. Cerebral palsy was first identified by an English surgeon named William Little in 1860.Kids and teens with CP may: Many students with CP can do the same kinds of things that other kids and teens like to do, such as extracurricular activities, phys-ed, playing or listening to music, hanging out with friends, etc.Students with CP, however, may need a little more time to travel between classes and complete activities and tasks.

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