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Read on, or click on the links below for more information: Carer's Allowance can usually only be backdated for a maximum of three months if you claim it within three months of a decision to award a qualifying benefit to the person you care for.You must specifically request that your Carer's Allowance claim is backdated, and you must have satisfied all the rules for claiming Carer's Allowance during the backdating period.However, in extreme cases you may be able to get legal help to challenge the decision in court.If your circumstances change, you will need to let the Carer's Allowance Unit know as it may affect your entitlement to Carer's Allowance.

You can still make the claim for Carer's Allowance, but should think carefully about the implications before you do.There are special rules for changing rents and terms for regulated tenancies (usually starting before 15 January 1989).Your landlord can only increase the rent up to the registered rent, which is the legal maximum set by a rent officer from the Valuation Office Agency ( to review the rent so that it remains fair, usually every 2 years.You can also challenge a decision not to backdate Carer's Allowance if your request is refused.Carer's Allowance is paid into a bank or building society account either weekly in advance or every four weeks.

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You can also ask for an interim payment of benefit, which you'll get if the DWP believes you're entitled to some benefit but it's not possible for the claim to be dealt with immediately.

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