Caitlin stasey dating

Why would you bother sticking your camera up her skirt as she got out of car?

Obviously, none of those things should be happening to anyone in the first place.

By posting a nude picture of herself that hasn’t been airbrushed, Stasey has taken back all of the power.

What would be the point of hacking her i Cloud now?

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Josh has doubts about his agreement to an open relationship with his boyfriend, Arnold (Keegan Joyce), while Tom can't get Ella (Emily Barclay), a girl he recently started living with, to attend a welcome home dinner for Claire, who's back from Berlin.

Perhaps, but what Stasey had done isn’t without risk.

She’s very aware of the demands placed on her by the acting industry and the very fact that she’s hired because of her gender.

After realizing he's gay, Josh breaks up with his girlfriend, Claire (Caitlin Stasey) and begins dating other men.

The website features a prominent disclaimer that “is brought to you by Caitlin Stasey, all views are her own and not any of her employers or associated media.” The world might well be changing, but a woman like Stasey who’s so refreshingly honest, is still a potential liability to a network like the CW who produce Reign.

We can only hope that as time goes on we see more women like her, who use their celebrity to further feminism without damaging their careers.

Plus-size photography projects - showing beautiful ‘real’ women - are hardly new. Unlike most “we don’t use Photoshop” campaigns, they’re not manipulated into the most flattering pose possible and lit from above either.

The photos are beautiful, but they’re not manufactured.

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