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Jeffrey Jurist, whose website Spy sells a vast range of surveillance equipment said that individuals seeking to uncover adultery account for around one-third of the company's turnover."Greed, lust and fear are all high-growth industries," he said.

This expert went on a married cheating site — and what she discovered about men is fascinating!

Jay Thompson, a spokesman for, says simply that the site's customers -- around three million people -- "are adults.""I believe in people's freedom, they have the right to choose who they want to be, especially when it comes to sexuality," added Biderman."I look at affairs having two components -- meeting someone and not being discovered.

So everything I have done from the moment we launched Ashley Madison is to help with both of these two components."My role in this is to give you a safe environment to connect and communicate with other people.

I had the greatest rationalizations and research for my book.

The success of such infidelity sites makes a lot of sense, because they grant married "daters" anonymity. They want a "lover" to text them saying that she's thinking about them.But even without sex, people can feel loved and adored. But they couldn’t justify divorce because of the children they adored (even adult children) and the sense of family they appreciated. One man stayed in his marriage after his wife indulged in at least two long affairs.At that point, he was no longer willing to have sex with her.They liked my interest in them—that I wanted to hear their stories and learn about their lives. But ultimately I couldn’t give them what was missing in their lives.When sexless couples come to my office, it's a struggle to get them in touch with their loving feelings for each other.

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