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Outfitted in masks to reduce tobacco inhalation, while proud of their craftsmanship, the ladies that I spoke with politely declined on-camera interviews.They steered clear of contributing any ‘non-brochure approved’ commentary, aside from expressing gratitude of having a stable job with decent work hours.In huge numbers, women are dropping dainty cigarettes for a more substantive grip on a stogie.While that may bother some, it’s good news for women. ) Today’s modern woman recognizes none of the old taboos against women and cigars.S., and far less in the Dominican Republic, the site of the world’s largest premium cigar manufacturer, I realized that my smoke lounge takeover, in the name of research, might be met with animalistic behavior.As women, our failure to light up doesn’t singularly stem from being health conscious consumers, albeit the hazards for cigar smoking aficionados double that of cigarette smokers due to the amount of tobacco tightly packed into a stogie.It seems that the prevalence of unspoken and easily digested patriarchal infused cultural constructs have gobbled us up once again. It just depends on the time that they want to spend smoking.

Either way we want you to join us in the cigar experience.A wispy silk summer dress, red lips and bamboo stilt stacked wedges– a look far too foreign for a tobacco lined cigar lounge bubbling over with testosterone.Dagger eyed, I was sex on a stick as far as they were concerned.Women enjoy them as well, but it’s just not in the custom for them to sit and smoke for hours,” admits Ruben Gonzalez, the Commercial Director of La Romana Cigar Factory in the Dominican Republic.While women account for a sizable amount of the factory workers that I viewed while touring La Tabacalera, they seemed far detached from the heavily marketed luxurious lifestyle of male dominated ‘secret society’ lounges and yacht loving gentlemen waving phatties.

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