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Another very ancient example is Vela Spila Pottery (15,500 BCE) from Croatia and Amur River Basin Pottery dating to 14,300 BCE.

Our functional and beautiful ceramics are often kept and displayed for many years, creating long-term brand awareness and increased customer loyalty.

(5) Patterns can also be applied to the outer surface of the pot by wrapping the vessel in a mold or with coiled basketry, or by impressing or stamping patterns on the raw clay body. According to archeological evidence, pottery first appeared during the era of Paleolithic art in East Asia (China, Japan, and the Amur River basin in Eastern Russia), before eventually spreading to the Middle East and the Mediterranean basin during the Neolithic period, thousands of years later.

The first ceramic sculpture - the Venus of Dolni Vestonice, dating to about 25,000 BCE - was unearthed at a Stone Age settlement in the Czech Republic, but the first ceramic pots are the Xianrendong Cave Pottery (18,000 BCE), found in northeastern Jiangxi Province in southeast China.

(3) Slip painting is another decorative technique, whereby a thin combination of water and clay, called slip, is applied to the vessel's surface like paint.

(4) Engraving or incising patterns or images in the clay surface is another type of decoration.

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