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In an era when sexual harassment is a real concern for organizations, the notion of two employees dating each other does have potential for some tricky policy questions.Some argue that if both parties are in a consensual relationship, what they do on their own time has no bearing on the company and should not be prohibited.Other times it’s just a matter of hard feelings, and people take sides, further polarizing the workplace.Even if the pairing goes well, it could lead to charges of favoritism from other employees.But it seems many employers steer clear of legislating workplace relationships until they present some kind of problem for individual, team or organizational productivity.No doubt, employee dating can carry some undesired consequences: If a relationship goes sour, the breakup can lead to charges of sexual harassment, retaliation and hostile work environment claims.More importantly, organizations are concerned about potentially embarrassing situations that come from romantically involved employees.Steamy e-mails and texts sent on company time over corporate networks, for example, could cause some discomfort for the company PR team if they are made public.

And above all, no matter whom you’re dating and your company’s policy, keep your interactions professional and work-related at all times.While most companies that prohibit dating among co-workers focus on the supervisor–subordinate relationship, some prohibit dating for other reasons.Turning the office into a virtual singles bar creates distractions, as gossip and speculation can run rampant, and some couples aren’t able to maintain a professional relationship from 9 to 5.Before you head off to work thinking that you’ll come home with an annual bonus and a husband, though, you need to know your company’s policies on co-workers dating.While some companies are lax when it comes to relationships outside of work, others strictly prohibit off-hours fraternization between employees.

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