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предлагает всем желающим керамогранит и плитку для ванной комнаты только отличного качества.

Subtle and overt indoctrination driven from a need to be at the top of the white pyramid at the expense of humanity triggers their survivor mechanisms into overdrive, resulting in our modern age super genocidal chapters.

Black men are behind bars at alarming rates and [heterosexual] women of color between the ages of 25 and 44 years old are among the fastest growing HIV/AIDS rates in the United States of America.

And yet we have failed to engage each other in meaningful dialogue.

Perpetuating racist socialization endorses me to be someone who I in fact mightn’t be; i.e., a [stereo] typical black female – single mother, multiple fathers, drug addict, prostitute, maid, HIV/AIDS carrier, entertainer, athlete.

In an intricate exchange with Danica Anderson, executive director, The Kolo: Women’s Cross Cultural Collaboration, we candidly shared about the impact of white supremacy.

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