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The bride and her family keep waiting for the visa which never arrives and only later realization dawns that the whole show was a sham with the sole intention of extracting money from the bride’s family.

The worst part of the situation is that very often the bride’s family incur huge loans at exorbitant rates of interest or sell precious assets like land in order to meet the expenses of the wedding and dowry demands of the groom’s family.

Marriage between citizens of India and people of Indian origin in foreign countries, loosely known as NRIs or Non-Resident Indians, has long been an issue fraught with social, legal and economic complexities.

NRI marriages, especially where one of the partners is living in an industrialized country of North-America, Europe country or Southern Hemisphere is often used for unlawful purposes.

Far away from her parents, relatives and any support structure, she finds that the man who married her did so only to obtain a domestic drudge and who may even have a partner tucked away in some part of the city.

The newly-married girl agrees to keep her mouth shut and continues to endure any extent of emotional and physical abuse simply because she does not know where to seek help in a foreign land.

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The latter falls only too willingly into the trap and is even ready to spend enormous amounts of money to sponsor the wedding and other dowry demands of the groom and his family.They came back with wondrous tales of wealth and limitless scope for people willing to work hard.Immigration thus came synonymous with higher social prestige and better quality of life.The second type of fraudulent NRI marriage is carried out to obtain a visa for the India-based partner who is desperate to emigrate at any cost.Such marriages take place between the NRI who already possesses a working or student visa and an Indian partner who then gains an entry to the foreign country on the basis of a spousal visa.

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NRI grooms extort huge amounts of money from families of Indian brides and a social system where dowry is already a legitimate demand is only too eager to comply.

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