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Can he manage to catch up with Alex and actually give her a real punishment?

- This weekend MK and I had a ton of work to get through, so the plan was for her to finish up some pages for a comic that was past due while I refined and tweaked a game design since development of the game was actually coming along ahead of schedule.

Needless to say, he was pretty pissed, mostly because the network never bothered to contact anyone on the show about the decision. folks off the streets that are desperate for fifteen seconds of fame or complete been (or soon to be has been) celebrities, acting like spoiled brats and dragging down the entire human race in beach house.

Instead, they all found out about news like everyone else, on the internet. “I hope Fox puts in its place, like, you know, America? Here’s hoping DVD sales will also help keep the show on the air.

Later that night we drove around the city (driving around Brooklyn without traffic lights and much traffic is the only way to go around there), walked around a pitch-black park (while careful not to step on people having sex in the grass), and got drunk.

We still say there should be a mandatory black out at least once a year.

Robin also came along for the chance to meet girls and some booze.

Oneshot that takes place after Episode: Wizards vs. Alex has avoided punishement for her schemes so much, it's gotten to her head..has landed her in dangerous situations.Hollywood is interested in using the Waverly Street Sub Station as a location to film a movie, one that sounds eerily similar to Justin and Alex's lives as young wizards.Just who knows their secret and can Alex stop the movie from being made?Pink champaign was served (pretty digesting actually) and at one point we were all goofing on Def Leopard (I made a really dumb… joke about the one armed drummer and Raph, being the kind hearted soul that he is, managed to salvage it somehow). Some found the interview to be pretty weird, but I though it was awesome (and like Bateman explained, the show’s And anyone who’s familiar with Fox’s history of stopping production of shows has good reason to cry bullshit.Plus, and I forget how, but I ended doing my old death metal routine from high school. By the end of the night I was pretty drunk, but Robin was much more so, and MK was so smashed she could barely walk. ve got orphans trying to figure out who their dads are? Afterall, even though Fox seems rather cavalier about the show wrapping up this season, all reports seem to indicate that a proper final episode hasn’t been filmed, nor will it be.

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