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So this kind of issue limits things further from really getting serious about a woman actually near my age. I don't want there to be a power imbalance, it's just hard to find a woman in her early or mid 30s who is gay and single and all the other things I'm looking for.

It means I find it really difficult socialising within the group - it's like I'm this really odd age that doesn't fit anywhere. How do other people navigate the years when their friends all have partners and children, and they're single and childless? It might take a while though - and my worry is, by the time I meet her, she'll have missed the young and vibrant me!I've met very few people in their 30s, and when I have, they are in couples already!So I'm basically meeting straight men and women aged 45 (as friends) and 18-15 and 45 gay women (for friends / possible relationship). I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or if I'm experiencing the same phenomenon as straight single women my age. That everyone in the 28-40 age group is in a couple and therefore watching TV or the toddlers with their husband/wife? But I think you're right, continuing to go out there in a non-desperate way and meeting people and having fun with no expectations...) and move on in my life in the direction I eventually want to go already! It was so much better than that US crap "L Word" (sacrilege, I know). Perhaps there are more women in their 30s on a roller derby team, or softball or hockey or soccer?Incidentally, I notice you're from Northern England... I am also a fan of the Scottish accent on women, so it was a fun show to watch for me - if disturbing. Of course, then there is the whole butch/femme issue, both there are a lot of women I think who play these sports who are all over the board in terms of their personal style and personality.

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