Novak djokovic dating maria sharapova

Djokovic sat down next to Dimitrov and put his arm around him.“You don’t need to talk about tennis,” Djokovic told his friend.”At the moment, Dimitrov is focused on climbing the ranks.And like the pundits who have long called him Baby Fed—an acknowledgment of the agile game he shares with his hero Roger Federer—Dimitrov believes that the No. “The biggest pressure is what I put on myself,” he says.She has been a prominent figure traveling the tour with him and supporting him in his matches.Even though planning a wedding can create a headache and nerves for many people, it doesn’t seem to be affecting Djokovic, who reached the finals with a four-set win over Grigor Dimitrov, and defeated Roger Federer in five to win it all.

At the BNP Paribas Open this March in Indian Wells, California, the tennis superstar Novak Djokovic crashed a press conference where Grigor Dimitrov, the 23-year-old Bulgarian rookie, was fielding questions.

“I care less about what happens match to match because my goals are way higher, and there’s work to be done.”Still, as his girlfriend knows better than anyone, big tennis stars must also play the fame game.

Dimitrov insists that he’s happier out of the limelight.

Dimitrov could not have been gentler in his refusal. Perhaps he learned this from his very own California blonde (by way of Siberia), Maria Sharapova.

The two have been dating for a year or so and live together in Manhattan Beach, just south of Los Angeles.

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“Let’s talk about your looks.”Dimitrov is the youngest player in the top 20 and is widely thought of as the future of men’s tennis—but he is also the tour’s reigning Adonis.

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