Playfire trophy card not updating

All three are what is known as Trophy Whore Sites, ie sites built specifically to aid people in their trophy pursuits.

PS3uk was the first ever PS3 trophy site and was the best for a long time, but it went through a bad time that virually killed it off and most of its membership left.

If you would like a card like this follow this link and sign in with your PSN account:- Alternatively if you just want to check out other peoples trophies providing you know their PSN ID follow this link: Battletracker was a good trophy site when it first started but ever since Sony changed the way trophies were saved on their servers Battletracker started picking up wrong information from it.

It does automatically update your trophy card but it picks up the wrong trophies so it can display images of trophies you haven't got ... the trophy amount and trophy score is always correct. There were three sites with the name PS3Trophies, uk, and

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Playstation trophy card sites have gone through many changes since they started with some evolving into great sites and others just sinking into obscurity.

So without further ado, here are the choices of trophy cards to pick from.

With the SCEE site, you must update your portable ID to show recent trophies.

Update: This article was wrote 4 years ago when trophies were first introduced on the Playstation 3, now trophies are also available on the Playstation Vita and also will be available on the Playstation 4.

So these gamer cards are not really Playstation 3 Trophy Cards anymore they should now be referred to as Playstation Network Trophy Cards as all these cards WILL work for the PS3, the PS Vita and the soon to be available PS4.

With the Playfire card, you will have to log into the SCEE site to update your Playfire card.

And with this card you will have to give your PSN name every time you wish to update.

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