Postdating a check in quickbooks

It's not illegal to postdate a check, unless you're attempting to commit fraud.You can land in legal trouble if you intentionally postdate a check knowing there will be no money in your account or the account will be closed by the check's date.If you want to write a postdated check just hoping it won't be cashed before a certain date, check your state's law first.Some states, including California and Georgia, place responsibility on check writers to ensure their checks are not cashed or deposited too quickly.Also, debt collectors cannot threaten someone with cashing postdated checks early.Debt collectors breaking these rules could face civil penalties.

This does not update your company’s journal, but does show the check as voided. Click on the paycheck you want to void, and then click the “Void” button.

Most state laws say that if you notified your bank about a post-dated check in writing a reasonable time before it receives the check, your bank is legally required to honor your request for six months or the bank will be liable for your fees.

With an oral notice, your request is good for only 14 days.

People typically do this when they want to give a check to someone but aren't certain they'll have enough money in their account until a certain date to cover it.

State and federal laws cover the cashing and depositing of postdated checks, and laws vary from state to state.

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