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The aspiring woman not only supports him in all pursuits, but also adds value and adventure to his life.He is a sophisticated gentleman who seeks a woman with drive that parallels his own.According to Carol Kiiru, a single mother and business lady in Nairobi, there is a mad dash for rich women, especially in Nairobi where men are less conservative compared to their counterparts in the countryside.

Happy, peaceful in the shadow of powerful woman True to form, when preparing this report, we tried to reach out to at least four husbands to well-known rich and successful female public figures for tips in vain.A while back, getting married to a ‘rich man’ was a fashionable aspiration for most women, while settling down with a ‘perfect woman’ was the male equivalent. “Tables have since turned against men and despite being poked fun at, staying home, taking care of the kids and generally playing the nice, faithful husband is not such an uncomfortable thing after all, especially when you have access to cable TV and some pocket money from your loving wife,” jokes the aforementioned husband to a popular business woman.Being married to a rich woman who controls you doesn’t sound like such a bad idea to most men.There is a radical shift in the previously held status quo most men enjoyed.The secret is, knowing your place in the marriage,” says the man, insisting he is a private citizen and sees no need to make news by talking about his private life.

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  1. You’ll have to accept the way he does and wants things, or try to come up with a happy medium. Even if your friends and family members view the relationship as being different because of your age difference, it doesn’t mean you should as well.