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Aside from Darren Rovell vs everyone from Jaime Edmondson to Jimmy Traina to Evan Longoria, the biggest feud to emerge from Super Bowl week in Indianapolis saw John Dennis of WEEI in Boston squaring off with Ryen Russillo of the Scott Van Pelt Show on ESPN Radio once again.The battle between Dennis and Russillo goes all the way back to 2005 when Russillo worked in Boston and allegedly made a play on Dennis’ daughter.ryenarussillo Always know, that when you looked in my eyes, you wanted nothing to do with me,you are a liar, and a fake tough guy @John Dennis WEEI ryenarussillo @John Dennis WEEI That’s one version, why didn’t you follow through on your promise?You threatened me, had me fired and then backed down ryenarussillo @John Dennis WEEI You call me again, or we can get in a ring for charity. Russillo’s tweets are saved for posterity by Boston Sports Media Watch because he deleted the Dennis tweets from his timeline.Most of these white guys had fathers and saw the man/woman-husband/wife dynamic from day one. They are not catty haters who love to see each other fail like many black men. Judging from the vitriol aimed at Jalen for merely dating an attractive woman I shudder to think about the future.Women like Cari and Sage intuitively know that if they date a black man their relationship business will be discussed all over Black Twitter and Instagram in the vilest most disgusting ways.

Sadly, I wouldn’t expect this feud to be carried any further for the time being, especially on Russillo and ESPN’s end.

Wonder if the higher ups in Bristol had anything to do with that decision…

usually ESPN doesn’t like their on-air personalities challenging other media members to boxing matches or referencing embarrassing past stories.

Sara Walsh was born as the first child of John and Wendy Walsh on April 12, 1978.

Her father John was a sports person who used to watch lots of sports on TV.

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