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Whenever possible medicines should be bought from a pharmacy who should be able to advise on interactions with your prescribed medicines.If your symptoms persist you should seek advice from a doctor.So it is important for people with kidney disease to avoid taking these harmful medicines.This is information on the treatment of minor ailments for people with kidney disease.Painkillers which contain ibuprofen (e.g Advil ® Anadin Ultra ® Galprofen ®, Nurofen ®) can also worsen the function of damaged kidneys so should usually be avoided if you have kidney function less than about 50%.

The maximum dose of paracetamol is 4grams (eight 500mg tablets) in any 24 hour period.Vets commonly see dogs affected by acute allergic reactions to insect bites (bees, ants, wasps) with symptoms of local swelling and itchiness, often facial, and lumps or hives erupting suddenly all over the body.Very rarely more dramatic symptoms are collapse, vomiting, breathing difficulty, and heart rhythm disturbances. For more detail, see to an allergen, they are often given by vets as an injection to treat such reactions.The following information is meant mainly for adult renal patients but children may also take some of these medicines.The dosage of medicines needs to be carefully chosen for children, so do seek advice from your pharmacist or doctor.

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They are of no use for treating contact, flea or food allergies.

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