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“System Operator” —means an individual, company, party, entrepreneur or other entity that operates or is responsible for the computer system or web server that performs various calculations and operations hereinafter described.

“Demand Threshold” or“Aggregate Demand Threshold” —means the Aggregate Demand required for a product to be sold at a particular price.Web sites such as those described above in essence utilize the internet to automate a conventional buying process.The process takes place at great speed and the parties may be remote, but the fundamental transaction is conventional.Likewise controller 13 is connected to the internet via an ISP. 1 therefore represent logical information flow and not physical connections.The sellers 11 and the buyers 14 can be described as being online.

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This invention allows sellers to conveniently offer “Demand-Based Pricing”, that is, prices which go down as the volume of units sold in any given offer goes up. As used herein the following terms have the meaning given below: “Product” —means either a product or service.

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