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In 1913, after the outbreak of the Mexican Revolution, her family moved to Miami, Arizona.

She was introduced to archaeology at a young age from her father during his excavating of ruins around their home in southern Arizona.

Florence Hawley (September 17, 1906-1991) was one of the first anthropologists to work extensively on dendrochronology, or tree-ring dating.

Because of her superiority in her research as well as teaching, and her persistence to the idea of equality, she was honored at the “Daughters of the Desert” symposium as a leader among the women anthropologist who have worked in the Southwest.

Hawley served as President of the American Society for Ethnohistory in 1969 and in 1987 she was honored as one of 45 distinguished women featured in a traveling Smithsonian exhibit named “Daughters of the Desert”.

She applied the new techniques of dendrochronology and stratigraphic dating of the archaeological deposits to more fully understand the history and evolution of Chetro Ketl.

Hawley began teaching at the University of Arizona in 1929.

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A tree ring is simply a layer of wood produced during one tree's growing season. A cross-section of a tree often shows a distinct pattern of concentric tree rings.

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