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"Phone numbers should behave more like software." As a result, they've turned it into a business tool beyond simple communication.

You can connect your Burner number with Dropbox to auto-save voicemails and picture messages.

And yet Dave Frippert, a huge Mickey Mouse fan, has some issues with the site. Dear Mouse Mingle.com, When I first heard about your site, I was tentatively excited.

Finally, was there a dating website that would cater to MY needs?

The physical phones were bought to be discarded and used in all kinds of nefarious dealings (see HBO's "The Wire").

Starting Tuesday, there's even the option to sync with Google and backup your texts and contacts to a spreadsheet so you don't lose them even when you burn the phone number.

"The thing we’re talking about with connections to Slack, you’re not seeing that from the big carriers," Cohn said.

Having a Burner number through the app lets you text and call as normal, but it's even more powerful than that thanks to a series of integrations.

"We think phone numbers in the future are important in the ecosystem," Cohn said.

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The team initially underestimated how many different ways people would use a Burner number.

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